Baby Formula: Switching Formulas

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Baby Formula: Switching Formulas

Your baby’s growing (so fast!) and their digestive system is developing, too. Consider these tips if you are looking to switch your baby’s formula. 

As a result, you may be thinking about changing his formula, or perhaps digestive issues like fussiness, gas and spitting up triggered the thought. No matter what, it’s best to speak with your doctor before switching your baby’s formula, while keeping these next few pointers in mind: 

  • Don’t worry about alternating or combining the new formula with the formula you’ve been using:  Baby’s transition to the new formula can happen right away. 

  • Avoid mixing different formulas! Here’s why it’s not recommended: Formulas aren’t meant to be combined. Plus, if your baby experiences digestive issues, you won’t be able to identify the cause. 

  • Give your baby 3 to 5 days to get used to the new formula: It may take him some time to adapt. (Though he may even adjust right away. Yay!) While you’re transitioning, your baby may go through some other slight changes—mainly to his stool pattern, gas and how often he spits up. Don’t worry, though, this is normal! 

Remember, you should consult with your baby's doctor before switching formulas, so you can always raise any other questions or concerns at that time. 

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Sometimes babies can experience tummy discomfort, like gas, spit-up. Switching to a tummy friendly formula could help. GOOD START SOOTHE is easy to digest** and designed to give sensitive tummies extra comfort.  It is the only formula with L. reuteri, a good bacteria found in breast milk, and has 30% less lactose compared to other GOOD START milk-based formulas. Over 90% of parents who switched to GOOD START SOOTHE said their baby was less fussy after the first feed †,1Click here to learn more about GOOD START SOOTHE.

* Like all infant formulas 

** Ingredients not genetically engineered. 

Probiotics only in powder format.  

 Infants were exclusively formula fed; Canadian formulation differs slightly from the GOOD START SOOTHE formula used in the study. 

1 Czerkies L et al., 2019. Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition. 1(1):19-26.